Lantra is the Sector Skills Council which supports skills and training for people and businesses in the land-based and environmental sector.

They cover 16 occupational areas grouped around:

  • Land management and production
  • Animal health and welfare 
  • Environmental industries. 

Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in inland and coastal areas, involving intervention in the rearing process to enhance production and the individual or corporate ownership of the stock being cultivated. The intervention may include activities such as regular stocking, feeding and individual or corporate stock ownership.

There are two mainstreams of work involved in the aquaculture industry, intensive and extensive farming.

  • Intensive farming often involves working with fish that are kept at relatively high density and all feed is provided by the farmer (Species usually include salmon, trout, turbot, halibut and cod).
  • Extensive farming usually works around shellfish and intervention from farmers/workers is limited to supply and redistribution of juveniles either from hatcheries or the wild (Species usually include scallop, mussel and cockles).

Lantra has developed a Modern Apprenticeship in Aquaculture at two levels to support the industry in Scotland.

Framework Details

More information about the industry can be found on the Lantra website.