Skills for Logistics is the Sector Skills Council for the UK's freight logistics industries.

The Logistics sector underpins every other sector within the Scottish economy; without Logistics it would be impossible for manufacturing companies to gain raw materials or export their products. Logistics activities include the planning, routing and movement of freight across all transport modes (road, rail, sea and air) as well as associated activities such as warehousing and storage.

Skills for Logistics has developed a Modern Apprenticeship in Freight Logistics at two levels to support the needs of the sector in Scotland. The Framework has a range of pathways including: Driving Goods Vehicles (various), Warehousing and Storage and Logistics Operations Management.

Framework Details

Freight Logistics at SCQF Level 5

Freight Logistics at SCQF Level 6

More information about the industry can be found on the Think Logistics website.

Please note that the Supply Chain Management pathways have been removed from the Freight Logistics MA.