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Modern Apprenticeships now on

Information for training providers about Modern Apprenticeships can now be found over at


We are committed to developing and growing a worldclass work-based learning system in Scotland.

Businesses back Modern Apprenticeships

A new survey has shown employers are continuing to invest in Modern Apprenticeships praising the benefits they bring to business.

Graduate Apprenticeships

Graduate Apprenticeships support employers who want to invest in their staff by providing employees with work-based learning up to master's degree level.

FIPS Video Guides: Foundation Apprenticeships

We've created a series of FIPS video user guides for Foundation Apprenticeships.

FIPS Video Guides: Modern Apprenticeships

We've created a series of FIPS video user guides for Modern Apprenticeships.

Evaluating Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published recommendations for evaluating Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland

Blog - Foundation Apprenticeships - creating opportunities

Fife Council Head of Education writes about the opportunities offered to both education and industry from Foundation Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships advice in a Nutshell

Every parent in Scotland will be able to give crucial career advice to their children thanks to a new apprenticeships guide.