Community Planning Partnership reports

The Community Planning Partnership (CPP) statistical reports are produced by Skills Development Scotland. Two sets of reports are produced each year at a local authority level.

Skills Development Scotland provides ‘Making Skills Work’ publications on a bi-annual basis (December and June). These can be found at our In Your Area pages.

These offer information to partners on a wide and comprehensive range of SDS activity in each local authority area and replace the local authority Community Planning Partnership (CPP) reports that focused only on school leaver destination statistics.

The June ‘Making Skills Work’ briefing provides a snapshot of SDS work over the year for individuals and businesses in each local authority area. It also includes summary school leaver destinations (from Scottish Government and Parentzone) and the latest annual participation measure statistics.

The December ‘Making Skills Work’ winter briefing provides an overview of SDS support for individuals and businesses in each local authority area, including a range of data on SDS services as well as featured stories highlighting our local partnerships. It also includes the latest annual participation measure statistics.

Scottish Government and Parentzone (hosted by Education Scotland) publish school leaver destination statistics. Read further details here.

Contact us if you have feedback or questions about any aspect of our statistics.

Further Reading

The main results from the national SLDR are published by the Scottish Government each year. The results from the latest SLDR (2014/15) were used in the following:

Summary statistics for attainment, leaver destinations and healthy living

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