Archived School Leaver Destinations

School Leaver Destinations are statistics published by the Scottish Government with data provided by Skills Development Scotland.

A new approach to the publication of school leaver destination statistics has been developed by Scottish Government in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

Scottish Government and Parentzone (hosted by Education Scotland) will now solely publish school leaver destination statistics.

SDS will no longer publish school leaver destination statistics but instead focus on the publication of the annual Participation Measure every August; reporting and providing more detailed analysis on a much wider group of young people (all 16-19 year olds).

The Scottish Government will publish the first public release of 2015-16 initial school leaver destinations in March 2017, including local authority level information. These statistics will also be placed on Parentzone.

SDS will carry on supplying school leaver destination data to Scottish Government every December and May drawn from the shared dataset. We will also continue to share individual data with local authorities and colleges through the 16+ Data Hub reports.

SDS will provide the recently introduced ‘Making Skills Work’ publications on a bi-annual basis (December and June). These offer information to partners on a wider and more comprehensive range of SDS activity in each local authority area and replace the local authority CPP reports that focused only on school leaver destination statistics.

Contact us if you have feedback or questions about any aspect of our statistics.

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