We are committed to delivering our services as innovatively, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Recognising the many benefits technology can bring to our customers, we continue, where appropriate, to take a ‘digital first’ approach to developing our services. Our websites are tailored to our different customers, offering specific support, advice and guidance for that audience. 

My World of Work

Our CIAG offer in schools and beyond is supported by our CIAG web service My World of Work (MyWoW). This award winning website offers career suggestions tailored to individual users and practical tools and advice to help users get the job they want. Individuals can also use the integrated job search and course search to find vacancies and courses. 

Career options

The Big Plus

Certificate of Work Readiness

SDS Individual Training Accounts


Primary School Pupils



Scottish apprenticeships are the key to creating confident, qualified employees with the skills employers need. Apprenticeships.scot supports young people who would like to become apprentices with detailed information on the Apprenticeship family and a search function to look for their ideal opportunity. It also offers advice and support for employers looking to take on an apprentice. 

Become an Apprentice

Take on an Apprentice

Information for training providers

Our Skillsforce

Businesses need skilled people to grow. Our Skillsforce helps employers to find and access national and local support. It includes free advice, skills planning, HR support and funding - alongside information to help businesses engage with education. 

Skills for Growth

PACE Redundancy

Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive


My Kid's Career 

Research shows that parents and carers are the biggest influence on a child’s career decisions. Which is why we developed My Kid's Career, offering expert advice with the aim of helping parents and carers support their child to make decisions. Working with organisations and employers at a national and local level, the web service features up-to-date jobs information to provide a detailed picture of the skills in demand and the skills that'll be relevant in the future.

Jobs in demand 

Routes and pathways 

Career discussions 

Partnership Websites

These websites have been created in partnership with other organisations and provide information about different areas of our work. Find out more about each with the links below.