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As the national skills agency, we are ambitious for a brighter future, a more prosperous, greener and fairer economy for Scotland. We want to work with partners, employers and the public to help shape our new Strategic Plan for 2022-2025.  

The changing world of work 

Scotland’s economy has already seen, and is predicted to undergo further, rapid change. Together, the global rise of automation, population shifts, Brexit, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the nature of work. These changes, in turn alter the mix of skills and talent people and employers need. 

The rapidly changing economy has implications not only for those already in the labour market but also for young people about to enter the world of work. They need to be prepared to be the agile problem solvers and team players of the future. 

These skills requirements intersect with other challenges in the labour market, such as inequality, poverty and an ageing population, to create a complex range of challenges that require to be addressed. 

Open Call 

As our services are designed to help the people and businesses and Scotland, there is an Open Call to participate in the development of our new Strategic Plan. Whether you are an existing customer, have a professional interest in skills development, an employer, or are interested from a personal point of view, it’s an opportunity to tell us where our focus should be. The Open Call is available until 15 December 2021. 

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