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People looking for jobs in Scotland’s growth sectors are being encouraged to access the National Transition Training Fund (NTTF) to gain the skills they need.

Launched in October 2020 to tackle the rise in unemployment caused by Covid-19, NTTF – administered by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) – helps people who are facing redundancy or recently unemployed prepare for a new career by offering short sharp training opportunities for in-demand skills.

Individuals are referred to the NTTF by a careers adviser, Department for Work and Pensions work coach or via the SDS helpline (0800 917 8000). 

Nicole Owens, 29, from Glasgow, is one of those to benefit from NTTF training and has recently started a new career in tackling financial crime as a Money Laundering Investigator.    

Nicole said:

“The industry-recognised course provided much-needed purpose at a time when I was without work – and helped me stand out from the crowd during the interview process.

“It was a brilliant feeling and such a relief to hear about the training and then get the role with Royal Bank of Scotland - I felt like I had won the lottery!”

Those who are under threat of redundancy and within 13 weeks immediately prior to the notified date of redundancy, or have been made unemployed on or after 1 March 2020 are eligible to apply to NTTF.

Former branch manager Zake Muluzi discovered he was going to be made redundant from his role with a vehicle rental firm late last summer. 

Zake, who lives with his wife and young son in Nairn, had spent six years with the company.  He said:

“When I found out about the redundancy, I really wasn’t sure where to turn next. 

“It was an anxious time, especially having to think how I was going to support my family.”

At an event organised as part of the PACE redundancy support, Zake was referred to a retraining opportunity offered through NTTF and enrolled in a three-day training course with Survivex, based in Aberdeen.

“It was a seamless process – from the first phone call, dealing with Moray College and starting the training at Survivex. 

“I launched into applying to several companies and then quickly got the news I had secured an offshore rigger role starting in May.”

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