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The Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB) – an independent group of employers and representative bodies – has backed investment in apprenticeships as part of Scotland’s road to recovery and calls for other businesses across Scotland to do the same.

On the first day of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, an open letter has been published in The Herald and Scotsman to call on Scottish businesses to consider the benefits that employing an apprentice can bring to any organisation.

The letter represents the views from members of the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board – the voice of industry on apprenticeships in Scotland, which is made up of a variety of employers from both the public and private sector as well as large multi-national and Scottish SME employers, alongside membership and representative groups. The letter stresses the importance of supporting people of all ages through investing in apprenticeships, with them forming an important part of Scotland’s Young Person’s Guarantee: supporting high-quality jobs, enabling employers to gain skilled workers while also giving people ‘a chance’ during periods of economic uncertainty.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week celebrates the thousands of employers, individuals and training providers who realise the value of work-based learning and the benefits that it can bring to people, businesses and the Scottish Economy.

See the open letter from the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board to Scottish businesses.

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