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Businesses are set to benefit from the first new apprenticeship to be fully shaped by employers. 

The Apprenticeship in Project Management (SCQF Level 8) is the first to go through the new system for apprenticeship development which puts employers at the heart of the process, marking a historic milestone for Scotland’s skills system.  

It was developed by employers from a wide range of sectors – including construction, IT, defence, public sector, utilities, consultancy firms and trade unions. The apprenticeship is for those in the project management field who are expected to lead or assist projects, allowing learners to develop the ability to apply project management techniques in real-life, work situations.    

The new, employer-led approach to apprenticeship development involves three main forms of employer and employee collaboration - employee workshops, Technical Expert Groups (TEGs), and general consultation. This method allows employers and employees to engage in the process and create an apprenticeship based upon the realities of the workplace. 

It also ensures ‘meta-skills’ – ‘timeless’, transferable skills that create adaptive learners and complement technical knowledge and behaviours – are part of this.  

It is the first apprenticeship to combine meta-skills, with employer input at every stage, including final approval coming from the employer-led Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG).

Ken Brown, Project Manager at Balfour Beatty was one of the employers who helped to shape the new apprenticeship. 

He said; “It’s great to see the new Technical Apprenticeship in Project Management now available. I was delighted to have the opportunity to take part in its development through a Technical Expert Group - working together with other project management experts from different firmsmeant we were able to establish requirements for the discipline, across sectors.   

“It has provided Balfour Beatty with thecertainty that changes to the qualification will continue to suit the business. The new approach to developing apprenticeships really puts employers at the heart of the process at every step.”   

Minister for Higher Education, Further Education, Youth Employment and Training Jamie Hepburn, said:  

“Putting employers at the centre of all future apprenticeship developments ensures they meet the needs of businesses.   

“It’s more important than ever to equip businesses and individuals with the right skills and capabilities through apprenticeships to fuel the economy, create jobs and support fair work ambitions. This is key to our commitment to support those furthest from the labour market into employment and apprenticeships.  

“Apprenticeships are a key way for all employers to continue to invest in their workforce, providing the skills the economy needs both now and in the future. This is central to the Scottish Government’s immediate priority to lead the country through the pandemic into a recovery that protects and creates jobs and backs our young people.”  

The new apprenticeship in Project Management is now available to view online at    

It replaces and enhances an existing apprenticeship in project management, which will continue to run until next year, until fully phased out.   

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