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The My World of Work team has made some changes to the ‘manage classes’ area in Primary Teacher accounts on My World of Work to make it more accessible and user-friendly. 

Three tools on My World of Work are aimed specifically at pupils in primaries 5, 6 and 7 to help pupils recognise and understand their strengths, interests and personality, and help primary teachers start discussions about the world of work. Primary teachers provide their pupils with access to these tools through the 'manage classes' area in a teacher account.

The ‘manage classes’ area of the site lets you:

• create your class and add pupils

• view pupils’ progress with the tools so you can talk to them about what they’ve learned

• reset pupils’ access PIN codes

• invite colleagues to work with your class

• set up a school administrator who can help manage your classes

What’s changing?

We’ve improved the ‘manage classes’ area to make it easier to use and have included more information to help you use this part of the site. 

We’ve made it easier for you to add your pupils. Rather than having to manually add each pupil individually, you can now import the data using a spreadsheet or download our template to create your own spreadsheet. This will make the process of adding your new class much quicker and easier.

You’ll still be able to add pupils manually, however, if someone new joins your class.

And you’ll still be able to transfer ownership of your class to another teacher at the end of the year and share it with another teacher if, for example, you work on a job-share basis. But we’ve added more content throughout the 'manage classes' area to make the journey easier. 

When a pupil moves from P7 into S1, they’ll transition from the primary offer to the full My World of Work site. We want to make this transition as simple as possible and ensure that pupils’ account information is carried over. We’ve added more explanation about the transition process and what you need to do before you transition your class. 

The navigation menu on the left of the page remains in place so you can always find your way around.

More information about the My World of Work primary offer

You can access the My World of Work primary offer at and teachers can create a primary teacher account at

Animal me – a fun quiz that lets pupils explore their personality. At the end, they’re assigned an animal, and given some ideas about the types of career that might suit them.

My interests – lets pupils find out how their interests and likes can help them when they’re making decisions.

Profile – after completing the other tools, pupils can write statements about their personality, interests and skills in their profile. This can be downloaded and shared with others.

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