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Youth employment, training and apprenticeships at the heart of recovery 

As we move towards recovery from the pandemic it is clear the biggest impacts of the economic crisis are yet to be felt.

The Scottish Government’s economic recovery plans focus on youth employment, training and apprenticeships to avoid the ‘scarring of youth unemployment’.

Based on data and insight, SDS is working intensively with partners to shape our services to provide support through the economic consequences of the pandemic.

From a strong position of existing service delivery, SDS will continue to use the levers at our disposal, working with partners to shape and co-create offers as part of the system-wide response that the pandemic requires.

Through its Programme for Government and other recent announcements Scottish Government have committed to prioritising funding towards:

  • Recruitment and retention of apprentices
  • A pipeline of apprenticeship opportunities
  • Development of a National Transition Training Fund

Building on these announcements and working at the direction of Scottish Government, SDS is working at pace to enhance our existing delivery with offers across three key areas:

Support for individuals made redundant or facing redundancy

  • Anticipating increased demand for redundancy services, adaptations to Scottish Government’s PACE Partnership Action for Continuing Employment – which brings together support from 22 organisations. Adaptations will include an enhanced digital offer and local partnership development.

Protecting apprentices and creating new apprenticeship opportunities:

  • A new Apprentice Transition Plan service to support unemployed apprentices complete their qualifications or recognise learning to date and to create individual plans for further learning or job search.
  • An enhanced Adopt an Apprentice offer.

Routes to employment: Pathway Apprenticeships, Individual Training Accounts and a new training fund

  • Pathway Apprenticeships are being developed to provide work-based learning opportunities for school leavers with certification which gives accreditation for elements of a Modern Apprenticeship and includes training to support the development of meta skills. This will include 26-plus weeks of training interventions, supported by a training allowance. A phased roll-out of different occupational pathways will based on the latest job opportunities.
  • The newly launched National Transition Training Fund which provides rapid, high‑quality and targeted training support to people facing redundancy and unemployment in those sectors and regions most exposed to the current economic downturn. SDS is one of a number of organisations working to develop elements of this fund.

These offers build on the strengths of our existing service offers in support of career information advance and guidance and work-based learning pathways.

While there is an urgency to move as quickly as possible to delivery of these offers, it is essential we ensure they are developed to best meet customer need at this incredibly challenging time.

Many learning providers and stakeholders have already been involved in early work to shape these offers. There will be further opportunity through formal processes of engagement for partners to continue to support their rapid development through co-creation.

As teams at SDS continue this work and engagement to shape the offers, we will seek to fully engage and inform partners and stakeholders.

As part of a national collective effort, partners and learning providers are vital to the success of these key interventions.

As well as leading development of these offers, SDS is working in strong collaboration with Scottish Government and other partners to support the development of a range of interventions, including the Young Person’s Guarantee and other key policies.



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