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Our Education team has developed a new guide to support teachers to set up and run their own My World of Work Ambassador programme.  

My World of Work Ambassadors are pupils who act as advocates for Scotland’s careers web service within their schools.

Ken Edwards, Education Programme Lead said: “We are delighted that some schools are able to continue with their ambassador programmes despite the restrictions that we face due to COVID-19.

"The SDS Education team is currently unable to deliver face to face support to teachers and ambassadors so we’ve developed the My World of Work Ambassador guide which talks them through how to set up and run the programme.”

Also included are resources specifically aimed at ambassadors to help them understand how to deliver activities within their school. 

The SDS Education team is currently unable to deliver face to face support to teachers and ambassadors so we’ve developed the My World of Work Ambassador guide which talks them through how to set up and run the programme.”

Ken Edwards, Education Programme Lead

Teachers: If you have previously run a programme or are comfortable starting one now then just go to the section you require. If you are new to the programme then we would suggest the best place to start is the overview section. 

Ambassadors: we have created a section for ambassador orientation and training which is designed to provide ambassadors with the knowledge they require to undertake activities from P7 through to senior phase.  Most activities have a short piece of video learning plus a site walk-through document together with an activity sheet, 

If you have any questions or want to provide case study material on the work that your ambassadors are supporting please get in touch at 

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