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Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) National Education team provides high-quality professional learning for teachers and other practitioners that supports an understanding of career education and the benefits it brings, along with practical approaches to embedding it in the curriculum. 

As part of the wider DYW programme, thCareer Education Standard (3-18) (CES) describes 10 expectations of all teachers and practitioners in supporting young people’s entitlement to career education as an integral part of their curriculum. Until March 2020, our model for professional learning that supports teachers and practitioners to meet these expectations was through face-to-face workshops for large groups of teachers. Of course, all this has changed. 

In response, we have adapted our suite of professional learning workshops into an online offer that comprises seven e-learning resources. These focus on the same key career education themes as our face-to-face offer but do so by combining independent study e-learning with a live online workshop that further explores and consolidates the learning. 

Until March 2020, our model for professional learning that supports teachers and practitioners to meet these expectations was through face-to-face workshops for large groups of teachers. Of course, all this has changed.

Outlined below is a summary of these online professional learning resources that reflects our suggested sequential approach to the embedding of career education that allow schools and teachers to start at the point that best reflects prior professional learning. 

Our professional learning is only available through schools and local authorities so if some of this learning looks interesting then contact us to find out more or discuss it with the DYW or CLPL coordinator in your school. 
1. CES introduction and self-evaluation 
Introduces the standard, sets it in context, looks at the benefits that career education brings for schools and learners 

2. Introduction to My World of Work 
Introduces ‘My World of Work’ and the tools and resources available for learners, teachers and other partners

3. Embedding skills

Looks at future employability skills, their importance to learners and how to bring these into day-to-day learning

4. Skills profiling using My World of Work 
Considers how My World of Work can support teachers

5. Embedding labour market information  
Explores what LMI is, where to find it and how it can be integrated it into everyday practice 

6. Embedding career management skills (CMS) 
Introduces CMS and looks at practical approaches to further develop CMS as an integral part of the curriculum 

7. Ambassador programme 
Support for schools wanting to establish a new MyWoW Ambassador programme or further develop their existing programme 


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