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Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has launched its Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for work-based learning

The EQIA process helps SDS gather information to consider the potential impact on people with relevant protected characteristics and set out what action the organisation is going to take to advance equality of opportunity.

SDS has been working to ensure that anyone who wants to access Scottish Apprenticeships is able to do so. 

Previous activity related to equality and diversity can be found in the latest Apprenticeship Equality Action Plan Update

Action to promote equality and diversity

The Equality Impact Assessment provides detail about the action SDS will take in compliance with the public sector equality duty and in partnership with others to promote equality and diversity in Scottish Apprenticeships.

The EQIA was written earlier this year and, as the impact of COVID-19 response and recovery becomes apparent, these actions will be reviewed and adapted to ensure they are still relevant and achievable.

More information

Find the Work-based Learning Equality Impact Assessment on the Publications area of the SDS website.

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