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Improvements have been made to My World of Work’s skills tool in response to teacher and partner feedback.

Updates to top skills area 

It’s now easier for users to see how their skills tool results relate to the skills needed for a particular job.

When looking at a job profile, signed-in users can now see if their skills tool results match the top skills needed for that job and what skills they could work on.

The changes make it easier for users to set out their skills and how they use them and are now live on My World of Work.

My World of Work is Scotland’s online career information and advice service, and we are constantly working behind-the-scenes to improve and update it in line with feedback from our partners across Scotland. These improvements will support young people to better understand the skills they have – such as team work and problem solving – and how they might use them in the real world of work.

James Russell, SDS Director of Career Information, Advice and Guidance Operations

The updated tool offers some new features: 

·         An improved skills list (53 instead of 39) broken up into 12 categories to allow users to easily find skills 

·         Each skill has two examples to provide context for the user; one suitable for a younger audience and the other for a post-school user 

·         An updated look to make the tool simpler to use

·         Improved accuracy of jobs suggested to match the skills chosen


To benefit from the new features, all users will need to retake the tool which now uses a more extensive skills list. Users are being prompted to take the tool again via their account.




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