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My World of Work is our award-winning web service, providing trustworthy, expert information and advice for people at any stage in their career.   

Why register? 
My World of Work is free to access but by registering on the site, young people have full access to all the tools and will experience a more personalised service with information that’s more relevant to them at their age and stage.  
What’s new?  
Over the summer months we’ve been improving and updating some of our tools: 
Strengths tool goes mobile 
My World of Work users can now access and complete the strengths tool on tablets and mobile devices which means they no longer need to use a desktop computer.  

This has been one of the most-requested items of feedback on the site and it means all tools on the site now work properly on mobile devices. 

The tool has a new look and feel but there’s been no change to the content; the questions remain the same, but the tool is easier to use.   
Updated skills tool – coming soon! 
We’re also making changes to the skills tool in response to teachers, partner and user feedback.  

A key feature of the improved tool is an updated skills list which we’ve developed in conjunction with partners and is aligned with SDS’s Skills for the Future/Skills 4.0 work to ensure that we’re reflecting the skills that people will need most in the unpredictable future. 

The improvements will support young people to: 

  • understand what skills are and how they might use them 
  • identify ways they have used skills 
  • articulate what their skills are and how they have used them 

These changes will give us:  

  • a more comprehensive skills list mapped to My World of Work job profiles, with definitions and examples of how these skills are used 
  • a tool that’s easier to use, thanks to an updated look  
  • the first stage of a new feature that will allow users to summarise their experiences in relation to the skills they are developing through the curriculum and what they do both in and out of school. 

Forgotten passwords over the summer? Don’t worry; everything you need to know about resetting passwords is included in our account factsheet. 

Working in partnerships with schools 
My World of Work supports the implementation of the Career Education Standard (CES) in schools, helps to provide the basis for many areas impacted by Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce and has the potential to support schools using the HGIOS4 improvement framework. 

You can talk to the My World of Work team at stand C90 at the Scottish Learning Festival to find out more.

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