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Improvements are being made to My World of Work’s skills tool.

The changes were made in response to teacher feedback and will make it easier for pupils to set out their skills and how they use them.

The improvements will go live on Scotland’s careers web service, from Skills Development Scotland, in the autumn.

The changes will mean:

  • a more comprehensive skills list with definitions and examples of how they’re used
  • an updated look to make the tool simpler to use
  • improved accuracy of jobs suggested to match the skills chosen
  • new feature for pupils to write up their skills experience for the first time
  • improved links between My World of Work’s skills and profile tools, making it easier to write a profile skills statement

The improvements will support young people to better understand the skills they have – such as team work and problem solving – and how they might use them in the real world of work.

The evidence section will follow the STAR system – situation, task, action, result – commonly used in interviews. Details written here will build up a bank of evidence that can be referred to, offering a clear track record of how a user’s skills have developed to support with applications and interviews.

“These changes will have a big impact for pupils and their teachers, and we’re excited to get them up and running in the new school year. “My World of Work is Scotland’s career web service, and we are constantly working behind-the-scenes to improve and update it in line with feedback from our partners across Scotland. “That includes work already underway on what else we can do to support evidencing skills through the tools.”

James Russell, SDS Director of Career Information, Advice and Guidance Operations

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