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My World of Work’s pupil profile is giving a boost to personal statements. 

Introduced in October, the pupil profile encourages young people to think about, and reflect on, their results from the About Me, Skills and Strengths tools. 

Pupils capture their summaries before going on to form a personal statement. They can also add details of their education, experience and achievements to their profile.  
Teachers can also use the pupil profile to prompt meaningful conversations with their students by encouraging them to: 

  • Share their profiles 
    Pupils might not know that they can share their profile with anyone they want. This means they can send copies of their profile to anyone in their network, whether that’s their teacher, their parent or carer or even a neighbour or family friend. These people can then talk to pupils about what they’ve put in their profile and suggest other things they might want to include.  
    It’s also a great way for the pupil to get valuable feedback from several people; all of whom will look at the profile differently and will be able to offer different advice and suggestions. 
    How to do it: All they need to do is click the ‘Share profile’ button at the top of the page, add the email address of the person they want to share it with and type them a short message.

  • Save earlier versions of the profile 
    The version of the profile on My World of Work should always be the latest and most up-to-date, reflecting the most recent and relevant activity. However, some pupils might want to save a copy of their profile before they update it, to allow them to monitor their progress. It’s easy for them to do this (see below) and if they share this with a teacher, for example, the teacher can then talk to them about the journey they’ve taken over a period of time. 

    How to do it: Pupils can download their profile by clicking the ‘Download profile’ button at the top of the page (next to the ‘Share profile’ button). From here, they can either open a pdf of their profile or save it, for example, to a USB stick. Similarly, if pupils want to store any evidence such as scanned copies of certificates, they can save these to the same stick. 
"The profile tool gives pupils the chance to reflect on their tool results in one place, making it easier for them to make the connections between their results and future careers. “Reflection helps pupils to develop self-awareness and helps them speak confidently about themselves and the fact that they can then share these reflections with their network of teachers, parents and other adults means the tool forms a solid basis for career discussions."

James Russell, SDS Director of Career Information, Advice and Guidance Operations

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