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Dundee native Liam has gone from reluctant to accept support to undertaking an apprenticeship in the space of just six months. 

Liam attended an offsite education service in Dundee, having disengaged from full-time mainstream education.  

After refusing to get involved with the various support services on offer to him, he was visited at home by a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) careers adviser – and Liam agreed to go to the centre to find out more.

Liam signed up to SDS’s Next Steps programme, which is aimed at unemployed young people aged 16 to 18-and-a-half. The programme involves intensive careers information, advice and guidance, supporting young people to formulate a plan and take steps to pursue their goals and ambitions. 

At his first appointment, Liam worked with careers adviser Gill to explore his skills, strengths and interests. He was interested in childcare, but he was worried about pursuing this as he thought it was a ‘job for girls’ 

Following discussions with Gill, Liam decided to sign up to an Employability Fund course, a programme which is designed to help young people into employment. He was supported to attend the interview for this, as well as to open a bank account.

Liam got a place on the Employability Fund programme, and undertook a placement with a local nursery, which he loved. Now Liam has successfully gained a Modern Apprenticeship in the nursery and can’t wait to get started in a line of work that he enjoys.  

Since going on EF training Liam has gained qualifications and states that he is a lot more confident within himself and also when speaking to others.  

Liam said: “I did not do anything for a long time after I left offsite education. It was easier to come and meet my worker as I met with her when she visited me at my house. My worker helped me with options and supported me to attended EF training. The help I have received from my worker has helped me a lot.” 



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