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Managing Director of Eserv, Dan Millard, has seen the business expand quickly over the last couple of years.  That’s why he turned to the Skills for Growth service from Skills Development Scotland (SDS).    

Skills for Growth – offered in partnership with Remarkable – provides a fresh perspective into the skills the business requires for the future. 

The Aberdeen-based employer provides a technology-based service to the oil & gas sector with a focus on helping asset owners and operators increase production up-time through the use of intelligent multi-dimensional technology.

Skills for Growth is a fully funded service for employers with between five and 250 employees and offers up to two days of free consultancy, helping employers such as Eserv, understand their skills needs and to create a detailed business plan with guidance towards the right support.     

Dan said: “As a young fast-growing company it is very important to ensure that we are building a solid foundation from a human resources point of view, for the medium-long-term business growth strategy.

“We have staff with technical skills moving into management roles and we needed support to help fill this skills gap.”

Training and development

Eserv was already receiving support and advice from Scottish Enterprise who referred them to Skills for Growth from Skills Development Scotland.  The process, led by SDS and Remarkable, gave the company’s management advice on recruitment and how to implement formal training & development plans to its staff.    

Dan added: “We got advice on training and development, and in particularly how we can help our graduates and trainees grow and develop their own skills. 

“As a result, we are already identifying training opportunities for members of our management team.” 

The Skills for Growth support was led by Corinne Blair from SDS and Monica O’Neill from Remarkable.

Corinne said: “They are a high-energy company which is keen to grow and find new business – which is why Skills for Growth was so helpful to ensure they make the right recruitment decisions during growth stages.” 

According to Corinne, Eserv was ready to embrace the advice on offer.

She added: “It’s rewarding to see a business listening, trusting and willing to tap into the advice that’s there.  Eserv was fired-up and empowered when they saw all the support available.”  

Coordinated support

The business has benefitted from multi-agency support - and Corinne believes that this collaboration has really helped the company. 

She said: “Because a collaborative multi-agency approach was taken, the company was able to benefit from a wide range of support. 

“It is good for business that we have a close working relationship with our partners, such as Scottish Enterprise and the local learning providers, to provide seamless business support.”   

My advice to those starting their own businesses would be to seek the support from SDS, Scottish Enterprise and others, to be open and ask for help. I would definitely recommend the support we have received.

Dan Millard, Managing Director of Eserv

Eserv is looking to retain and recruit the best talent to build on its success so far.  Thanks to the support from Skills for Growth, Eserv is now prioritising career pathways for current staff and identifying new ways to attract talent, such as apprenticeships and enhancing its graduate programme. 

Dan said: “The reaction amongst the wider team has been positive.  They’re pleased to see opportunities for people to move up with the company as it grows. 

“Staff are encouraged by the fact that even though we are a young company, we are making an effort to help them grow as an individual, to help them develop their own skillset which they can take further.” 

Personal approach

Dan and the Eserv team appreciated the flexibility, quality and the efficiency of the support offered by Skills for Growth. 

“I have been really impressed with the reactiveness and personal approach of the support we have received. 

“My advice to those starting their own businesses would be to seek the support from SDS, Scottish Enterprise and others, to be open and ask for help. I would definitely recommend the support we have received.” 

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