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Skills Development Scotland is reminding Scottish companies, particularly SMEs, that if they want to grow it’s important they invest in digital skills.

The organisation is highlighting research which says:

  • 82% of Scottish businesses find it difficult to recruit people with the right digital skills and experience
  • Each year in Scotland there are almost 13,000 tech job vacancies
  • 90% of all jobs in 10 years time will require some sort of digital knowledge

With these challenges in mind, SDS has organised a free Glasgow event to tell Scottish companies about the support open to them through a range of partners. The organisation has also launched a new online guide to make navigating the many and varied programmes a lot easier.

The keynote speaker at the “Developing Your Digital Workforce” event, which will be held at the Strathclyde Technology Innovation Centre on the 18th September, is Kate Forbes MSP, Minister for Public Finance & Digital Economy.

She said: “The digital economy offers global opportunities for Scottish companies, but they need the right digital skills to maximise those opportunities. The Scottish Government and SDS are working together to help them achieve this.  This is a rallying call for all businesses, as it is not just tech companies that need these skills. In fact, more than 60% of digital jobs are for non-tech firms so the benefits are far-reaching.”

Claire Gillespie, sector manager for digital technologies at SDS, added: “Many people talk about a digital future as part of “industry 4.0”, but the reality is that future is already here.

“We regularly speak to Scottish businesses about what they need from us. They told us that although our support was welcome and comprehensive, it was also complex and confusing, so we listened and have now created a simplified online guide to help them.

Gillespie concluded: “If you need help filling your tech vacancies, and want to ensure you have a pipeline of future digital talent, then also come along to our free event to hear first-hand from employers how our products and services can help you.”

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