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The breadth of careers on offer across Scotland’s public sector organisations is the focus of a series of sessions taking place in schools across the country.

The Public Sector Network – a joint initiative led by Scottish Government and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) – is co-ordinating the sessions which will see public sector staff meeting S1 to S3 pupils to discuss their work.

More than 500,000 people work in Scotland’s public sector, making up more than 20 per cent of the overall workforce.

However, with 88 per cent of public servants aged over 30, there is a need to attract more young people to the range of careers available.

Improve understanding

Catherine Thomas, Public Sector Relationships Executive at SDS, said: “Whilst there is good awareness of the essential role public servants play in our everyday lives, we are keen to improve understanding of the vast array of careers the public sector offers.

“Alongside doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers and social workers, there are project managers, marketing officers, software developers and finance administrators.

“There is a similarly wide variety of entry routes, ranging from Foundation, Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships to college and university, so these sessions will offer young not only an idea of the careers on offer, but the different ways in which they can be accessed.

The Public Sector Network comprises around 55 public bodies including health boards, local authorities and public corporations.

“Choosing a career in the public sector has many benefits, including job security, career progression and an incredible variety of job roles."

Catherine Thomas, SDS

Focusing on developing a structured approach towards youth employment in the public sector, it meets twice a year to network and share good practice, including workforce planning and increasing the number of apprenticeships.

Variety of roles

During the sessions, staff from public sector organisations will discuss with pupils how the public sector is defined, who works in the public sector and the kinds of jobs available.

The sessions will aim at answering key questions about working in the public sector, as well as addressing any misconceptions.

Catherine added: “Choosing a career in the public sector has many benefits, including job security, career progression and an incredible variety of job roles.

“There’s something for everyone and that’s exactly what we want young people to know.”

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