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SDS has worked in partnership with Education Scotland, schools and a range of other partners to develop a profiling tool for secondary schools across Scotland. 

A recent Education Scotland briefing stated that by the end of S3 all young people should have produced their own profile, supported by staff, which gives a reliable and full account of their cumulative progress and achievements. It should include a focus on what they feel are their latest and best successes.

The new profile on My World of Work addresses this ask and is in line with recommendations made in Scottish Government’s Learner Journey report to introduce personalised user accounts on My World of Work.  

What is it? 
The profile encourages pupils to think about, and reflect on, their results from the About Me, Skills and Strengths tools. Pupils then capture their summaries before going on to form a personal statement. They can also add details of their education, experience and achievements to their profile. 

Key features:

  • It supports the Career Education Standard entitlement of giving young people opportunities to engage in profiling that supports learning and the development of skills for work and future career choices
  • It provides pupils with the opportunity to reflect on their results in the one place, making it easier for them to make the connection between their tool results and their future careers 
  • Encouraging reflection helps pupils to develop self-awareness and helps them speak confidently about themselves 
  • It will help pupils prepare for course and job applications through the creation of a personal statement 
  • It’s portable – pupils can share reflections with teachers, parents or lecturers for career discussion  
  • It’s free to use – schools can access a free, single profile tool which provides a consistent nationwide solution.  

Teachers can view a sample of the profile via their account on My World of Work.  

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