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Based on feedback from schools, a new suite of resources has been developed to support ambassadors and their schools. 

SDS's Partner Development and Integration team carried out a review with schools, teachers and ambassadors to understand which of the existing resources were being used and how useful and effective they were.

Feedback suggested that while some of the resources were useful, some were possibly too onerous and time consuming for the pupils to use and either weren’t required or needed to be refreshed. 
Based on feedback, activity-specific templates have now been created that help ambassadors to plan, deliver and reflect on each event/activity they do. There’s also more audience-specific example activities, with the ambassador learning requirements embedded in the activity, providing learning for whichever event they are planning, whenever they need it. 

Each example activity encourages the ambassadors to consider the skills they are developing and their personal achievements, and suggests they update their personal profile in their My World of Work account

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