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Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has launched a new website to help parents and carers understand current and future jobs in demand, the routes into these jobs, and tips on having career conversations at the times that matter.

To keep up with a rapidly-changing world of work, My Kid’s Career includes up-to-date labour market information showing the skills and occupations which are in-demand now in Scotland, and emerging career paths for the future. You can also access information on the routes into these roles, from apprenticeships to university.

The site also includes a ‘your questions’ section, which responds to commonly asked questions from parents about jobs and the future, routes and pathways and subject choices.

There’s also a section where parents share their stories and experiences. Topics include negotiating the transition from primary to secondary school and exam results. 

“My Kid’s Career will be a really valuable source of reliable information for parents and carers, particularly at key decision points during the school year, such as senior phase options choices. “Parents know they are the key influencers when it comes to their children’s learning and career choices but are not always confident that they are well enough informed about the range of learning and career paths so it’s great for parents to keep up to date up on the opportunities that are available to their children, and how to get there. We’ve got all of that and more online – I'd encourage any parent to visit the website and get informed.”

Ken Edwards, Education Programme Lead at SDS

You can visit the site at

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