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Greg Mulraine is constructing an exciting career for himself, thanks to a Modern Apprenticeship with SSE. 

The former Kirkwall Grammar School pupil is training to be a multi-craftsperson with energy firm SSE at their Orkney depot, a job which combines lines work and jointing to help maintain the network. 

He said: “It’s a mixed role – I like the variety that my apprenticeship offers; it’s not the same thing that you’re doing day in and day out.” 

A Modern Apprenticeship gives people the chance to work, earn and learn, undertaking industry-accredited training while they’re in a full-time job.  

I think you learn a lot faster in an apprenticeship than you would going to college full-time,” he explained. “You get to see how people really do the job – it’s better than just reading a book.

Greg Mulraine, SSE Modern Apprentice

Greg recently spent eight weeks at SSE’s state of the art training school in Perth, followed by time at Perth College UHI to undertake exams. Throughout his four-year apprenticeship, he’ll sit a selection of professional exams to ensure he’s able to do his job safely, and to SSE’s standards. 

He’s embracing the opportunity to further his learning while working, and says that the hands-on nature of the job is a fantastic way to get to grips with his new profession. 

“I think you learn a lot faster in an apprenticeship than you would going to college full-time,” he explained. “You get to see how people really do the job – it’s better than just reading a book.” 

On a personal level, Greg says that the apprenticeship has really broadened his horizons. 

He said: “My Apprenticeship has improved my confidence and I’m doing things I never thought I would – like coming down South for my training.” 

The 20-year-old also appreciates having a regular income, which has boosted his social life and enabled him to save up for the future. 

He said: “Getting paid to do the Modern Apprenticeship helps. The wage gives you a bit of freedom that you wouldn’t have if you were studying full-time.” 

SSE employ between 60 and 100 apprentices across the business each year, with around 500 apprentices working throughout the organisation at any one time. 

For the energy company, apprentices play a pivotal role in their output, with young people like Greg joining to learn the skills required to do the job, then progress throughout the business. 

Stephen Burns, Customer Operations Manager at SSE, said: “Greg is a welcome addition to the Orkney SSEN Team, where he will need to be multi-skilled and able to work in challenging weather conditions.  

He has already shown a great appetite to learn and get involved in day-to-day network operations. 

With an aging work force on the Islands, Greg and his counterparts can look forward to a long and rewarding career with SSE. 

John Stewart, Director of HR at SSE added: “Apprenticeship programmes are not just key to a company’s success, but key to the future success of our industry. By allowing people of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to develop, earn a fair wage and gain work experience, apprenticeships are able to equip them with the right tools to enter the workplace and continue to grow from strength to strength.” 

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