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The Centre for Work Based Learning (CWBL), in association with Skills Development Scotland, has organised an invite-only event to look at the future of skills - and the the future of work - in Scotland.

Thriving In the Workplace of the Future takes place in Glasgow on Wednesday 1 November, and aims to:

  • consider the future of work and what that means for employees and businesses
  • explore the role of high performing work practices to maximise skills use in the workplace
  • discuss and debate how Scotland's skills system needs to respond
  • network and share on a national and international scale 

Damien Yeates, SDS Chief Executive, said the symposium was vital for collectively determining the skills needs for the future - and how best to deliver them - to benefit individuals, businesses and the country as a whole

He said: “The unprecedented change driven by advances in technology and demographic shifts has the potential to reshape every aspect of society – particularly, the economy, work and skills.

“It is widely acknowledged that we are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution – or Industrie 4.0 – and this is at the forefront of many leading economies and is a huge focus for our work at Skills Development Scotland."

More information on the event can be found on the CWBL website

Watch the video below to see how big data, artificial intelligence and automation - among many other socio-economic, political and technology changes - are disrupting the way we work...and fast (best viewed with the sound right up!).

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