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25 female STEM Modern Apprentices came together in Glasgow last week to meet and network with other female MAs and to help further develop core career skills.

The free event, for female Modern Apprentices working in science, engineering, technology or construction, was hosted by Equate Scotland, in partnership with SSE and Skills Development Scotland.  It consisted of an evening of networking and career development workshops and was deemed a success by those who participated.

Emma Mackay, an Electrical Apprentice with SSE said:  “I really enjoyed the MA connect event as it gave me the opportunity to meet other young women my age, in a similar role to me, which I hadn’t experienced a lot before. I think SSE should sponsor events like this again, to encourage networking with other organisations. I really enjoyed listening to former MA’s talk about their experience as it has shown me that women can have a successful career in industry and the event also made me want to encourage younger females into STEM jobs”.

Morna Grant, Mechanical Apprentice with SSE said: “I really enjoyed the event ran by Equate Scotland, it’s the second event of theirs that I have attended. It’s really motivating to meet lots of other young women in apprenticeships like myself and it was a great inspiration hearing a  former MA speak about how her career has developed since finishing her apprenticeship. I think it’s so important for SSE to support these events as it truly shows their passion in encouraging women into STEM roles. My hope would be that women will start to recognise that there is a place for them in these industries."


Nicola Swan, External Equality Adviser at SDS said:  “I am delighted that so many Modern Apprentices were able to attend this informal event.

“Women remain under-represented in STEM careers but at Skills Development Scotland we are determined to redress that imbalance.  As well as encouraging more girls and young women to consider careers in STEM fields, by working with schools, employers and influencers, it is also vital that we ensure women are successful and achieve once they have started their journey in STEM.

“Events like this one are important in bringing women in STEM apprenticeships together and provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.

“We will continue to work with partners to organise and promote such events and would encourage any woman on a STEM Modern Apprenticeship to come along.”      

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