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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published recommendations for evaluating Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in collaboration with the OECD have developed the framework to help identify the long-term outcomes from work based learning and to provide a deeper insight as to the benefits apprenticeships bring to individuals, employers and the economy.

SDS already collects and analyses data on Modern Apprenticeships. The findings provide information on the outcomes and the benefits to individuals and employers which highlight that for example, 91 per cent of apprentices were in work or education six months after completing their apprenticeship.*

The OECD’s framework will be an important guide as to what activity could be undertaken to better understand the impact of apprenticeships and how to measure outcomes over a longer timescale.

SDS Director of National Training Programmes Katie Hutton said: “SDS will work with agencies and partners to act on the recommendations, leading to a greater understanding of overall Modern Apprenticeship outcomes.

“The knowledge which could be gained from using this framework will provide important insight into the impact of work based learning.”

The OECD highlight that the recommended approach will enable robust evaluation of Modern Apprenticeships and also create a powerful analytical tool for evaluation of other policy interventions from SDS, such as Foundation and Graduate Level Apprenticeships.

SDS is developing an action plan involving working with Scottish Government and other partners to overcome potential challenges, including those which relate to data linkages. 

There were more than 25,500 new Modern Apprenticeship opportunities across Scotland Iast year, with over 80 different types available in hundreds of jobs.

From financial services and healthcare to construction and IT, each apprenticeship is developed by industry to suit their needs.

This means that apprentices can earn while they learn from day-one and gain an accredited qualification which is recognised by industry.

SDS regularly surveys apprentices and their employers to support the skills system and continually improve outcomes for young people.

In August, the Modern Apprenticeship Outcomes Report 2016 was published following on from the Modern Apprenticeship Employer Survey 2015.

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*Modern Apprenticeships Outcomes Report 2016

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