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Employers and industry across Scotland are on course to meet targets for Modern Apprenticeships.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has published statistics for the third quarter of the year showing Modern Apprenticeship starts. 

The target for the year is 26,000 starts, moving towards Scottish Government’s commitment to 30,000 Modern Apprenticeship starts by 2020.

Figures at this stage of the year show that employers and industry have achieved 18,425 Modern Apprenticeships starts.

The majority of starts – more than two thirds – are at Level 3 and above.

Just over 8 per cent of apprentices identified as having a disability – an increase of more than 4 per cent on the previous year – following work with training providers and partners.

The figures follow on from the recent announcement that contribution rates towards Modern Apprenticeships for disabled people and those with experience of care up to the age of 29 are to be increased.

This increased contribution rate supports the delivery of the Equalities Action Plan for Modern Apprenticeships.

SDS Director of National Training Programmes, Katie Hutton, said: “Quarterly figures, and comparisons with previous years,  reflect different industry recruitment patterns  for occupations and frameworks across a range of sectors.

“Modern Apprenticeships give people across Scotland the chance to work, learn and earn as businesses develop their workforce.

“Despite what remains a challenging economic climate, it’s encouraging to know that employers continue to invest in the skills of their workforce through Modern Apprenticeships.”

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