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Brothers Sam and Ryan Jones, who work at Orkney’s Stagecoach bus depot in Kirkwall, are strong advocates of Modern Apprenticeships.

Sam, aged 22, in about to complete his four year apprenticeship. The former Kirkwall Grammar School pupil has been interested in mechanics since he was a child.

“I have always been interested in anything that works mechanically and I was always interested in learning a trade. My apprenticeship has been challenging but I like that and I like the variety of my job. You know it is always going to be different every day,” explained Sam.

He works on the company’s bus fleet, doing everything from maintenance and repairs and looking after some of the older vehicles.

Sam’s 21-year-old brother Ryan is half way through his four-year mechanical electrical apprenticeship.

Ryan said: “It is about using the information and facts you have before going in to make a repair. It is very challenging but I am enjoying my training.”

He added: “I would say to anyone who might be thinking about an apprenticeship to look at something that they enjoy doing and go for it. There is also the fact that you are learning while you are earning, which is good.”

Engineering foreman Robert Corkhill said: “Both of them have brought different things. Sam gets stuck into the job and has lots of enthusiasm for what he does. Ryan is very helpful, always willing to help and always willing to learn.”

Suzanne Sherry, apprentice recruitment manager of training providers GTG Training, said: “Sam and Ryan have both show that they are serious about their career prospects and are keen to learn the skills needed for their trades.

“They are tremendously hard-working and it’s wonderful to see them being committed to their training and enjoying it.”


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