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The Centre for Work-based Learning and SDS held a symposium last month on the future of work and skills which attracted delegates and speakers from around the world.

Soon after that, SDS launched Scotland’s first ever comprehensive report on the jobs and skills landscape in Scotland.

Although the two are quite distinct projects, they are also inextricably linked. 

As you will see from the presentation given by SDS Chief Executive Damien Yeates, increasing productivity, generating inclusive growth, dealing with demographic shifts, and adapting to an ever changing world of work are all major challenges we have to face. 

But to tackle these issues, we need to first understand where we are before we can then work out where we need to be, and only then can we establish how best to get there. That’s where ‘Jobs and Skills: The Evidence’ and the accompanying overview comes in.

“(our) relentless and restless drive to do things different, and better, is because we want to make a difference”

Damien Yeates, SDS Chief Executive

Work-based learning such as Foundation Apprenticeships, Modern Apprenticeships and Graduate Level Apprenticeships are just some of the pieces of the jigsaw that could help us solve the productivity puzzle.

To fully appreciate why we need to find new ways of doing new things for Scotland and its people, enjoy both the video and the report, and get in touch if you want to join an important conversation which is vital for our country’s future.


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