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Inspired by global craft brewer BrewDog, Glasgow based Dear Green Coffee wanted to emulate their success by being able to make and market its products on the global stage as well.

And like BrewDog, they realised they needed to find a way to help make their staff passionate experts and ambassadors to achieve that aim.

So they approached Skills Development Scotland for help.

In addition to providing a business mentor for company founder Lisa Lawson,  SDS’s Skills for Growth programme also facilitated full sensory training for all staff from global coffee expert Morten Munchow.

Lisa said that Morten’s input was a game changer for the company. “The technical expertise and understanding instilled right across the company led to a huge uplift in motivation and productivity. And without the SfG funding it just would not have happened.

“Thanks to SDS we could provide fantastic staff training without diluting our marketing budgets, which are vital for growth in this competitive marketplace."

Lisa also completed an Authorised Trainer Course enabling her to offer classes for fellow industry professionals, allowing her to generate a new income stream for the business.

SDS account executive Lauren Paterson said: "The skills and knowledge of employees are key to any growth strategy, that's why we work with Remarkable to deliver Skills for GrowthWe'll work to understand your skills needs, create a detailed people plan, and guide you to the right support."

Skills for Growth can provide free consultancy support for small to medium sized businesses worth on average £1500, and up to a maximum of £3,000. For further information complete this form or phone 0800 783 6000.

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