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Childcare worker Rhys Dear found himself following in his childminder mum’s footsteps after work experience at a nursery.

Rhys, 21, had been looking for a job when he came across Minerva People’s Childcare Employability course. The Dumfries training provider arranged for him to gain work experience at the Malory Day Nursery as part of his Certificate of Work Readiness qualification.

The former St Joseph’s College pupil was offered a Modern Apprenticeship in Childcare, which he has completed. He said: “I want to focus on childcare as my career, which will allow me to put the skills I've learned, like communication and teamwork, into practice."

He has learned a great deal about the theory, policies and procedures involved in childcare but believes the best part of his job is watching the young children in the nursery develop and grow. 

His manager Shirley Goudie said he has always been keen to learn and is enthusiastic. She said: “His pleasant and easygoing personality has made him an integral part of our team here and popular with the children and their parents.”

“We were keen to have a male practitioner in our workforce, which has been good for the staff and having a male figure has been good for the children. They have bonded with him really well and are glad he is part of their environment here."

Shirley Goudie

Minerva People’s childcare co-ordinator Tracey McEwan said he is an asset to his workplace and added: “It couldn’t have been easy for Rhys as he was in an all-female environment both in training and in the workplace.  However, Rhys is enthusiastic and conscientious and met all his deadlines.

“We are delighted to see him highlighted as a role model for other males to consider childcare as a positive career option and a growing and valuable profession to be part of.  He will do well.”

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