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Mohammad Ali Salik can’t speak highly enough about Modern Apprenticeships.

The 22-year-old found his laboratory technician apprenticeship with Glasgow University by searching online.

He completed his Modern Apprenticeship in 2014 and is teaching students in at the university's science laboratories as well as conducting research.

Ali said: “With an apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds, an academic course and a qualification while getting a proper job and proper earnings. Before I finished my apprenticeship I was offered another job here. It was a huge surprise, no one told me I would be offered it and that my managers had already had discussions. I was overjoyed.”

Ali’s apprenticeship, in Laboratory and Associated Technical Activities, gave him the chance to work across a variety of lab functions. Organising chemistry experiments for students, working on cutting-edge research and helping teach undergraduate and postgraduate students were just some of the things he did.

“You do so many different things and you’re never really doing the same things every day. You get training across so many different sections and gradually you feel yourself grow and become more confident in your work. By the end of it you feel as confident as any other senior colleague.”

Mohammad Ali Salik

 Ali’s hard work and ever-developing skill set over the course of his training led to him receiving national recognition for his efforts. He was the runner-up at the Royal Society of Chemistry Awards in 2014 and was a finalist in the Glasgow Trades Centre MA of the year 2015 awards.

It was a great feeling to be nominated for those awards. My family have always been proud of what I’m doing, but they were especially proud when they heard about that.”

Mohammad Ali Salik

Graham Tobasnick, Ali’s line manager, said: “He’s been outstanding, he came to us with all the raw materials and through his own hard work he has polished them to the finished article. We hope he will stay with us, someone with his skills and competencies could go anywhere. Modern Apprenticeships are definitely a route we value; it gives people a defined career path where people can go places.”

Ali added: “I'd advise young people to open their minds to Modern Apprenticeships. Their future prospects will be hugely boosted. My apprenticeship has played a huge role in me getting to where I am today.”

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