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Mechanic Nicole Allardyce is relishing every minute of her Modern Apprenticeship and hopes to run her own garage one day.

Mechanics have been her passion for as long as she can remember and during Nicole’s time at Arbroath High School, it was the one thing she saw herself doing.

“I’ve always wanted to work in a garage. It all started off when I was at school and I got the taste for it,” she said.

A series of work placements led to the chance of a 13-week trial with car maintenance firm McConechy’s and Nicole grabbed the opportunity.

Nicole, 21, made such a good impression that she was offered a full-time job with McConechy’s. Her boss then suggested she begin a Modern Apprenticeship and give her career prospects a real boost.

“The apprenticeship will give me a great qualification and it has really tested me, but I’ve learnt a lot. My family are all over the moon and are really proud of me.”

Nicole Allardyce

Her manager Neil Anderson said she has worked hard and is now a highly valued mechanic and member of their team.

“Nicole is keen and gets on with everybody in the garage. She always brings a real enthusiasm into work with her,” he said.

Now in the third year of her apprenticeship, Nicole works across every aspect of car mechanics, from fixing tyres to adjusting handbrakes and exhausts.

“There’s no one thing I like best, I love it all the same,” she explained. However, there are certain features to working in a garage that Nicole is not too keen on.

She said: “Garages can be really cold places sometimes. Working in the cold would probably be the least enjoyable thing about it, but it’s just something you deal with.”

“I’ve been very impressed with her. She is only 21 but is way ahead of her years. Nicole recently covered for her manager and took charge of the whole garage; dealing with customers, orders and repairs. She’s going to go far.”

Christine Walker, assessor and trainer with LAGTA

Nicole is crystal clear about her ambitions. She said: “I’m really enjoying the challenge of my Modern Apprenticeship just now. In the future, I’d love to work my way up here and maybe one day run my own garage. That would be brilliant.”

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