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A love of practical work and a preference for on-the-job learning led Callum Carr to a Foundation Apprenticeship in engineering.

Callum, 17, from Cowdenbeath, explained how it was the good thinking of a school teacher that helped him realise he could lay the foundations for a career in his chosen craft.

He said: “I had been interested in an engineering career for some time. My teacher knew I wanted to be an engineer and told me a Foundation Apprenticeship would be a great place to start, all I did was put my name down and from there it kept getting better.”

“It was so much more than I expected. I thought it would mainly be sitting in a classroom taking notes but before I knew it I was working with tools and getting hands-on experience. It was completely different from what I thought it was going to be.”

Callum Carr

Working at Score Europe’s Cowdenbeath facility, the former Lochgelly High School pupil got to do various aspects of engineering, including metal cutting, measuring and the construction of small artefacts.

Callum says he much prefers to learn things by doing them and through doing his apprenticeship he’s grown in confidence.

He said: “You feel yourself getting better and better at what you are doing. Since starting the FA it has been hands-on most of the time and it’s really made me more confident working with tools; it has made me realise I really want a career in this industry.”

Being relatively new, a Foundation Apprenticeship pathway didn’t convince Callum’s family at first. However, after they’d given them some more research, they were pleased he chose to gain experience and try something new.

“When I first told my family they weren’t totally convinced. They had to look into it more but eventually they came round. By the end they were really proud I have done it and have complete faith it will stand me well.”

Callum Carr, Foundation Apprentice

Looking forward, Callum’s apprenticeship has strengthened his desire to work in engineering and with his heightened confidence he’s now excited for what the future might bring.

He said: “My FA has helped me a lot. It has played a big part in where I want to go next and I feel as though I am a step ahead.”

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