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When Liam Cobb left school he found it challenging to find a job, but thanks to some good support he is now a valued worker with a major catering company.

Liam, 21, who has a double hearing impairment, didn’t have work experience and was unsure of what to do next when he moved on from Dyce Academy in Aberdeen.

His parents contacted North East Scotland Sensory Services who put them in touch with the Aberdeen Foyer organisation.

This led to a work placement with catering firm Aramark, at their client BP’s Dyce location.

“My morale was low as it was hard finding a job in Aberdeen without experience. When I was offered the placement, I was over the moon.”

Liam Cobb

Supportive welcome


He admitted he found his first day on his first job more than a little nerve-wracking.

“I was very nervous because it is such a large building, being one of BP’s main sites in Scotland, and I didn’t know anyone,” he explained.

The welcoming and supportive environment at Aramark helped him quickly adjust to the workplace.

Liam said: “The team have always been very supportive and everyone looks out for each other. A lot of staff have worked here a very long time and they have passed on a lot of their skills and knowledge. It’s like one big happy family.”

From no experience to full-time job

Just one month into his three-month placement Liam had made such a good impression that he was offered a full-time job.

He said: “I was absolutely ecstatic. It was great to finally get a job and my family were over the moon because they felt I had finally got the break I needed.”

Liam was then offered a Modern Apprenticeship and feels it made him a more well-rounded and capable employee.

“The Modern Apprenticeship really made me think about everything I do in my job and I felt so much more confident and able to take on new challenges and new duties.”

Liam Cobb

Great team player

Pamela Smith, Liam’s training assessor at MGT, said: “Liam was quite hesitant in starting the Modern Apprenticeship but he’s gone on to do incredibly well.”

Willie Rowell, Liam’s line manager, said: “Liam has done really well since starting at Aramark and has taken every opportunity to better his career prospects. He’s definitely an asset to this company and a great team player.”

“I struggled to find employment, but now I can’t believe what I’ve achieved in the past 18 months. I’ve been given the break I always needed. I’m now so optimistic for the future and my career in this industry. I can now go out with my mates and be proud that I have a job.”

Liam Cobb

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