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Parents and carers across Scotland are being urged to make the most of Skills Development Scotland careers services in schools.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland is backing the expansion of the national skills agency’s careers services.

The new extended service will see pupils get a group session with their careers adviser on either their primary 7 transition visit to secondary school, or early in their first year.

Expanded support

Pupils will also receive a one-to-one interview with their careers adviser ahead of making their subject choices as well as attending group sessions in second and third year. There’s also targeted support from third year for pupils who need it most.

Parents, carers and teachers will also be offered the chance to get involved in the one-to-one subject choices interview process.

Chair of the National Parent Forum of Scotland, Joanna Murphy, said: “I would urge all parents and carers to make the most of the expertise SDS offers in person and online via My World of Work. Good careers advice is invaluable and we welcome SDS expanding its support in schools."

”Giving parents and carers the chance to be involved in one-to-one interviews at subject choices time is an important part of these changes. It’ll promote their understanding not only of the choices their child is making, but of the wider labour market, and industries they may not know about," she added.

Every state secondary school in Scotland has qualified SDS careers staff who began the roll out of the newly expanded careers programme in June.

New resources

SDS careers advisers will also continue their existing programme of support which sees group sessions from fourth to sixth year, drop-in clinics, one-to-one coaching for those who need it most, one-to-one interviews and attendance at school events, such as parents’ nights.

New digital tools and resources to support career education from primary 5 to 7 have also been developed with and for teachers and pupils. These will be accessed through SDS’s award-winning career advice and information web service My World of Work.

“It’s hugely important that young people are aware of the variety of options available to them and the different ways of achieving their career goals. SDS careers advisers are instrumental in opening young people’s eyes to that wealth of opportunity."

Joanna Murphy, Chair, National Parent Forum of Scotland

SDS Head of Career Management Skills Development and Delivery James Russell  said: “All of us who work with young people want them to go on to successful and fulfilling careers after school.

“Good careers advice, from qualified SDS advisers, has a huge part to play in ensuring young people develop their career management skills and build the confidence to progress in their careers and achieve their full potential.

“The feedback we’ve had from pupils, teachers, parents and carers about these changes has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re working hard to ensure we continue to exceed their expectations.

“I want to thank Joanna and the National Parent Forum of Scotland for their continued support of our careers services both in schools and in our network of local centres across the country.”

Last year 35 schools in 12 local authority areas tested the new careers services. Their feedback helped shape what is now going Scotland-wide.

The changes to careers services in schools were made possible by Scottish Government funding to support the implementation of Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

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