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SDS publishes Careers Management Skills Framework

Following a six-week consultation earlier this year, Skills Development Scotland has now published its new Career Management Skills (CMS) Framework.

We have developed the Framework in response to the Scottish Government's ask of us to define the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will help individuals manage and develop their careers throughout their working lives.

The Framework is a strategic document aimed at those organisations in Scotland responsible for the planning, management and delivery of career information, advice and guidance services and those providing career related learning. As the key provider of career services in Scotland, we will use the Framework to inform the development and delivery of our full range of career information, advice and guidance services.

The Framework will underpin our work in supporting career management skills development and building resilience within individuals and groups across Scotland such as:

  • Young people preparing for and entering post-school opportunities
  • People who are unemployed looking to access learning or the labour market
  • Individuals in work progressing their skills
  • Those preparing to leave work and reflecting on their options

The Framework therefore contains skills that are relevant throughout life and are pertinent at any stage of career development. 

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