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Apprentice Transition Plan (ATP) service

The Apprentice Transition Plan is to support apprentices who have been made redundant.

As part of support measures we are working with modern apprenticeship learning providers to offer additional help for apprentices who have been made redundant. The Apprentice Transition Plan (ATP) service has been developed to help redundant apprentices to the next steps in their career journey.

Additional funding is available to support providers to deliver the service. Providers who wish to deliver the part of the service which is not about continued certification must have registered assessors who have completed specific training modules which are hosted on the SDS provider learning management system.

This page includes further details on the ATP service, including on funding and eligibility. You will find information and resources to support delivery of ATP services. This includes key documentation, such as the ATP Stage 4 Resource, as well links to the webinar and e-learning modules that are part of the compulsory training in order to deliver ATP services.

E-learning modules

The webinar and e-learning modules to support Apprentice Transition Plan delivery.

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The Modern Apprenticeship Conditions and Specification 2020-2021 have been updated to include requirements relating to the Apprentice Transition Plan.

Further information and support

If you need further support relating to the Apprentice Transition Plan, please contact our support mailbox.

Contact the ATP support mailbox