The SDS ITA Provider registration window is now closed and will reopen 1st July 2018.

Before you get started

Please read the ITA Operating Rules before downloading the ITA Application documents. 

It's important you send your application without any missing documentation. Incomplete registrations will be rejected and a new application will have to be submitted.  Hand written applications will not be accepted. 

Preparing your ITA Provider Application 

We require one copy of the following documentation: 

  • Completed (typed) Application Form
  • Completed (typed) TPPA
  • Completed (typed) TPRA 
  • Completed Delegated Authority Form 
  • Completed, signed and dated new supplier form (on company headed paper) 
  • One year's full accounts demonstrating a strong trading record
  • If self employed the Provider must complete and submit the HMRC Employment Status Checklist at
  • Quality standards supporting documentation (if applicable)


Where can I get support? 

Get support from our Customer Services team. Call 0141 285 6100 or email