How long will Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) remain open?  

The ITA scheme for 2020-2021 re-opened to applications on 1 July 2020 and will now remain open until 31 March 2021, or when the target of 28,000 applications is met – whichever comes first.

When will this phase of the scheme close?

The scheme will close by 28 February 2021 or when the target of 28,000 applications has been met, whichever comes first.  

Will training providers be notified of the scheme’s closure in advance?

Training providers will receive communication from SDS regarding application numbers. 

Will the scheme open again after this phase?  

SDS will work with Scottish Government to explore options beyond the closure date, subject to budget. 

How many ITAs will be delivered this year?  

An initial 14,000 applications was announced on 1 July, however a further phase now brings this total to 28,000.

Are there any changes to the scheme?  

This phase of the scheme will operate under the conditions outlined in the Operational Rules 

Following a review, funded ITA course choices in security, languages, fitness, health and beauty, hospitality and adult literacy and numeracy tutoring were re-opened in November 2020 for applications. 

What if an applicant is unable to provide required evidence as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19 (for example not having access to a printer)?

If the individual is unable to provide signed and dated evidence of eligibility (for example if the individual is unable to print documents), providers can accept an email containing evidence on the basis that it is sent from the same email on the individual application on FIPS 

For further queries, please contact, or call the SDS contact centre on 0800 917 8000 for support.