Will there be any changes to how we administer ILA bookings and courses?

All administrative processes will continue as normal under the current ILA scheme. However, training providers should be mindful of the following dates:

  • 21 August: Last date for uploading courses onto PROMT
  • 31 August: Last date for learners to make bookings
  • 30 Sept: Last date that a learner can attend a course under the old ILA
  • 31 Oct: Last date that a training provider is able to claim payment

I have learners booked on courses over summer 2017, what do I do?

If the course is attended before the end of September then you can still offer the course and claim payment for it, as long as this is done before the end of October 2017. Any claims received after 31 October 2017 will not be paid out.

If the course is due to run after the end of September 2017 then this course can no longer be funded under the old ILA scheme.

Can I upload courses and take bookings until the new scheme starts?

Courses under the old ILA scheme can be uploaded onto PROMT until 21 August 2017, provided the start date is before 30 September 2017 and bookings are made by 31 August 2017.

If the course is due to run after 30 September 2017 then this course can no longer be funded under the old ILA scheme.

Can I continue to be a registered training provider?

All registrations of training providers under the old ILA scheme will cease to be valid. Therefore, to be a training provider under the relaunched scheme you will be required to apply for registration again. SDS will advise when the training provider application process is due to commence.

Will I be able to offer all the same courses under the relaunched scheme?

Some aspects of course eligibility criteria are liable to change which may affect the courses you are able to offer under the relaunched scheme. Further details will be published on the Skills Development Scotland website in due course.

What changes will there be for training providers in administering learners?

Under the relaunched scheme Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) will be delivered by SDS. Learners will apply for funding online, and SAAS will no longer have a role in the registration and processing of applications.

Training providers will now be required to verify learners’ eligibility by checking their payslips or proof of benefits, and will be required to keep records of this for purposes of audit by SDS. Full details of verification checks will be provided.

Additionally, learners under the new scheme will only be entitled to one instance of funding per learner year, rather than being allocated £200 to be used for potentially multiple courses.                 

What changes will there be for providers in claiming payment?

Claiming payment under the new scheme will require providers to be able to access the new online processing system which is replacing the SAAS booking zone. This will be at a cost to the training provider, who will need to pay a monthly license fee for every user of the system. Full training in using the system will be given in advance by SDS at no additional cost.

Under the new scheme providers will no longer have to receive a booking token from the learner. Confirming attendance on the training will generate payment for that learner.