Update to FIPS

Why has it changed?

Microsoft has upgraded the existing user interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Service App, to a new Unified Interface this month. The purpose of the change to the interface is primarily to improve performance, speed, and usability of the system. 

The system will work in the same way in terms of what it does, it will just look different due to the new layout known as the Unified Interface or UI.

Here are some of the key points of the updates to the system:

  • navigation has changed from being displayed at the top of the screen to a pane on the left-hand-side of the screen
  • form layout and format has changed which includes tabs moving from a vertical layout to horizontal layout, and fields within tabs are now only visible when the Tab is selected by the user
  • new Form behaviour has been introduced which includes tabs displayed or hidden based on tab selection from the new ellipses icon. Related records/icons now moved within the new ellipses icon meaning less clicks for users accessing related records or recent Activities
  • new technology introduced in the form of a Canvas App which has replaced some of the existing processes, such as Early Leaver and Leaver Process.

Training / Resources

The FIPS Support Team have created a number of new ‘how to’ videos which cover the main functions within FIPS: