Update to FIPS

Why is it changing?

In October 2020, Microsoft will upgrade the existing user interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Service App, to a new Unified Interface. The purpose of the change to the interface is primarily to improve performance, speed, and usability of the system.

The system will work in the same way in terms of what it does, it will just look different due to the new layout known as the Unified Interface or UI.

The FIPS system is built on the Dynamics 365 Customer Service App and therefore users will benefit from the platform upgrade.

Over the next few months the FIPS Support Team will be preparing all users - external and internal - for the update.

What is changing?


The main change that users will notice will be the sitemap which is no longer hidden within the ‘Workplace’ or ‘Settings’ headers.

All entities will be located down the left-hand side of the page, readily available no matter where you are in FIPS, to allow users to move between the different areas more easily. This reduces the steps required to access and update records by users.

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FIPS System Views haven’t changed much. All the same capabilities are still available, however, some have been improved. The filtering feature has been improved. There is no need to apply a filter function before applying a filter, you can apply a filter as you would in an Excel spreadsheet, by clicking the arrow on the column header and choosing your filter criteria.

Users who use the Charts function should note that the position of Charts has moved from the right-hand-side of the table, to the upper-left corner of the screen, and is now displayed as a button.

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Another key change will be within any of the form pages such as the Application or Assignment.

Currently, the tabs are expanded by default and users have the option to collapse tabs as they enter data. The tabs are positioned vertically meaning users must scroll down the page to view other tabs and data on the Application Form. For some of the longer Applications such as MA and GA this can take some time to load and complete.

Tabs, in the new User Interface, are different. They are positioned horizontally and are only displayed when clicked by the user. Tabs that don't fit on screen are automatically hidden and can be accessed by clicking the ellipses and choosing the required tab. The UI layout will change these sections into tabs which will display along the top, allowing users to quickly navigate through the different areas of the form and to see at a glance where they want to be.

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The dashboard page is the first page a user sees when they log into FIPS. This page will have more functionality and interactions available in the new UI, especially when using charts.

Users will be able to interact directly to change the display and drill down further into the data displayed within any chart. The dashboard screen will also change to fit the users screen display settings to ensure that the whole dashboard is always visible.

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Canvas Apps

As part of the preparation for the move to the new UI, there has been a lot of development work regarding the functions in FIPS and the various buttons displayed.

Some of these processes will now be carried out through a Canvas App which is an App built into the system for the sole purpose of carrying out that task.

For example, the leaver process will ask for the same information and training providers will still need to complete it as they do just now, it will just look different to how it does now.

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Here are some of the key points of the updates to the system:

  • navigation has changed from being displayed at the top of the screen to a pane on the left-hand-side of the screen
  • form layout and format has changed which includes tabs moving from a vertical layout to horizontal layout, and fields within tabs are now only visible when the Tab is selected by the user
  • new Form behaviour has been introduced which includes tabs displayed or hidden based on tab selection from the new ellipses icon. Related records/icons now moved within the new ellipses icon meaning less clicks for users accessing related records or recent Activities
  • new technology introduced in the form of a Canvas App which has replaced some of the existing processes, such as Early Leaver and Leaver Process.



We are expecting the new layout to come into effect in October this year. We will confirm dates and timings as soon as we can.


Training / Resources

The FIPS Support Team are currently working on creating new and updated content to help with the transition. We've created a number of new ‘how to’ videos which cover the main functions within FIPS.

There will also be additional videos produced covering FIPS basics and best practice. These will be uploaded to this page over the coming weeks to allow users to familiarise themselves with the changes prior to implementation.