Video guides

In this section you'll find a series of FIPS training videos for use by Employability Fund training providers. 

Getting started

FIPS Log on and navigation (3min 15 sec) 

View your EF contract (3min 33 sec) 

Participant details

Register an EF Participant (16 min 11sec) 

Changes to participant details on the Individual Record (2min 20 sec) 

Update equalities information (1min 43 sec) 

Enter work experience employer details (3min 18 sec) 

Leavers process (2min 7 sec) 

View an EF participants previous payment history (1min 58 sec) 

Change of Circumstances (5min 5sec)


Young persons allowance claim – individual (3min 13 sec) 

Young persons allowance claim – bulk (4min 47 sec) 

Output and outcome claims (9min 09 sec) 

Manage the pre posting run (hold, unhold, undo) (4 min 40 sec) 

Upload evidence for a claim – (3min 01 sec) 

Additional Support Needs Fund (ASN)

ASN Fund Application (7min 5 sec) 

ASN claim (2min 24 sec) 

Reports & Customisation

Run an EF report (2min 53 sec)

Create a custom view (4min 20 sec) 

Customise your dashboard (2min 57 sec) 

Create a custom chart (2min 49 sec) 

Webinar Presentations

FIPS Webinar Presentation for Existing Users (4min 52sec)

FIPS Webinar Presentation for New Users (4min 38sec)