We're committed to ensuring our national training programmes are accessible and drive forward the development of a diverse workforce in Scotland.

Find tools and resources to help training providers and employers play their role in supporting diversity.

Equality monitoring form 2017-18

Download our monitoring form and accompanying guide.

If you need to know more about the equality profile of your local authority area to complete your equality action plan have a look at our Equalities Summaries.

Additional Support Needs (ASN)

Find information on the Additional Support Needs Access Fund and local authority guides.

More resources

Support employers or clients with workplace equality - download our visual cards and partner guide.


Equality and Diversity publications

13 June 2016

Equality Impact Assessments

SDS websites equality impact assessment

PDF 365 Kb

13 June 2016

Equality Impact Assessments

SDS HR equality impact assessment marketing

PDF 362 Kb

1 April 2014

Equality Impact Assessments

Employability Fund Equality Impact Assessment

PDF 153 Kb

1 June 2011

Equality Impact Assessments

SDS My World of Work Equality Impact Assessment 2011

PDF 144 Kb

1 June 2011

Equality Impact Assessments

sds travel aid equality impact assessment 2011

PDF 143 Kb

30 July 2010

Equality Impact Assessments

SDS Pace Equality Impact Assessment 2010

PDF 77 Kb

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