SDS is carrying out a holistic review of careers services in Scotland, including mapping of the current service provision across Public Sector service delivery and Government funded initiatives.

This review will also incorporate user views on how a future service should look for each identified user persona. 

Recommendations will then be developed in conjunction with partners and users.  

The following table outlines the key activity and intended outputs - dates are indicative and subject to change.


Delivered by 

'As is' Review: complete review of existing policy, funding, service offers, user perception and performance for current provision.  

End of May 2021

Identify any gaps: gaps in provision informed by 'as is' review.

End of July 2021

Design and development: design and develop prototypes for new services, changes to existing services and a target operating model to support these.

End of October 2021

Recommendations: informed by all activity and input from stakeholders, develop recommendations for submission to Scottish Government.

End of December 2021