Our Goal 

Skills Development Scotland leads by example and continuously improves to achieve excellence.

As we support and encourage businesses and people in Scotland to prepare themselves for the future world of work, we too must harness the opportunities presented. Our use of data and digital technology, how we encourage workplace innovation, and how we benefit from a diverse and vibrant workforce must all be considered and maximised.

Our commitment to continuous improvement remains steadfast as we strive to achieve better outcomes, a better customer experience and enable all of our people to reach their potential.

Achieving all the ambitions laid out in our Strategic Framework will rely on the commitment and capability of our people. By adopting future-focused and fair and inclusive working practices, we will continue to promote the wellbeing of all colleagues, drive innovation and attract, develop and retain diverse talent.

In 2018,



of employees agreed that SDS is an equal opportunities employer

We ranked number


in the 2018 Stonewall Workplace Equality index

In 2018,



of employees said they are proud to work for SDS

Looking forward

Throughout all we do, we aspire to achieve organisational excellence which inspires confidence in our customers, colleagues and stakeholders, and moves us towards achieving our vision.

More than ever, it is vital that we lead the way in driving efficiency, productivity, innovation and diversity within our own organisation; effectively modelling the change we want to see across the Scottish landscape.

Over the next three years, we will:

Adopt high-performing workplace practices, leading change in others

  • Continue to build a culture of ‘Everyday Leadership’, helping our people to perform to the best of their capability
  • Demonstrate exemplary fair work practices, including our continued commitment to promoting wellbeing and harnessing diversity
  • Model innovative workplace practices and piloting anticipated 2035 employer behaviours.

Improve customer experience and customer service through enhanced use of data and technology

  • Increase and enhance our data sharing and analysis activity, to predict customer need and drive improvements in service delivery
  • Improve our products and services, with a focus on enhanced digital services to increase customer reach and satisfaction
  • Use enabling technology within SDS which drives efficient and innovative ways of working.

Make efficient, effective and sustainable use of our resources

  • Steward public finances well, demonstrating propriety, value for money and the best return on investment
  • Use continuous improvement techniques to streamline and optimise our ways of working
  • Drive quality and excellence throughout the business, gaining EFQM business excellence accreditation
  • Continue to improve our environmental sustainability.

Drive better outcomes through deeper collaboration and partnership working

  • Work closely with national, regional and local partners to identify and achieve our shared goals
  • Explore options for greater use of crossagency and agency-fluid enabling services
  • Work with partners to understand and share best practice, learning from each other’s expertise.

Case study

We strive to enable all of our people to reach their potential. Former Modern Apprentice Stewart progressed within SDS and is now thriving in a new role.

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Our Strategic Plan

If you'd like to read our Strategic Plan for 2019-22 in full you can download it here. For more information on SDS as an organisation, view pages 39-43.

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